WOEHRLE PIROLA AG / Events & Public Relations Odoo Version 13.0-20230607

Information about the WOEHRLE PIROLA AG / Events & Public Relations instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Enterprise website builder
Invoices & Payments
From quotations to invoices
Sell your products online
Centralize your address book
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
PDC event sale extensions
Event sale logic update for PDC
Event Mobile Barcode/QRCode Scanner
Maintain Attendees QRCode, Reduce Fake Attendance App, Manage Event Ticket Barcode module, Scan Attendees event QR, Event Ticket Barcode Scanner, Event Badge QR Scanner Odoo
Event Ticket In Portal
View Portal Ticket Module, Filter Portal Ticket App, Group By Portal Ticket, Portal Ticket, See Website Ticket, Get Ticket Details On Portal, Ticket Website Portal, Event Ticket Portal Odoo
Event Registration Barcode Generator
Event Registration Barcode Generator, Event Badge Barcode Generator, Maintain Attendees Ticket Barcode Module, Generate Attendee Event Barcode, Manage Event Ticket Barcode, Generate Attendees event Barcode App Odoo
Event Registration QR Generator
Event Registration QR Generator, Event Badge QR Generato, Maintain Attendees Ticket QR Module, Generate Attendee Event QR, Manage Event Ticket QR, Produce Attendees event QR App, Event Badge QR Generator Odoo
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Publish events, sell tickets

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Switzerland - Accounting
Multi Language Chart of Accounts